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Industrial Molds

Industrial Molds

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Industrial Molds Group, is a leading mold manufacturer of complex injection molds based in Rockford, IL. Industrial Molds Group, with its state-of-the-art design engineering department that features 3D modeling software, MoldEx mold filling/material flow software, promises you a mold design that offers creative and innovative solutions to the most complex, challenging molding projects. Industrial Molds Group specializes in two-shot, two-material molds; molds with complex configurations; molds designed to eliminate secondary assembly by designing many parts into one injection molded component to help our customers reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality for the automotive (under hood and fuel systems), medical, lens, fluid control, and industrial markets.

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  1. EDM > EDM Services
  2. EDM > Electrodes
  3. EDM > Fixtures
  4. EDM > Graphite Electrodes
  5. Mold Maintenance & Repair > Mold Cleaning Services
  6. Mold Maintenance & Repair > Mold Maintenance & Repair Services
  7. Mold Maintenance & Repair > Replacement Parts
  8. Mold Maintenance & Repair > Sampling/Mold Tryout Services
  9. Mold Maintenance & Repair > Welding Services
  10. Molds/Tools/Dies > Die Cast Dies
  11. Molds/Tools/Dies > Injection Molds

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